Cinderella: Grayscale Adult Coloring Book (Beautiful Fairy Tales) (Volume 2)

Price: $8.95 - $7.75

Bring on your colors and escape to the magical and romantic world of fairy tales! There are 24 unique GRAYSCALE images of CINDERELLA to color in this book, plus a set of 12 selected bonus images, for a total of 36 pages to color. Illustrator Ruth Sanderson created this coloring book for adults from the paintings in her picture book CINDERELLA, available from Crocodile Books. GRAYSCALE COLORING is different from coloring line art, and fun to try out if you enjoy realistic pictures. The tonal shading in these images will show right through your colors and give your artwork depth and subtle beauty. Colored Pencils are suggested for the best results. Each picture is printed single-sided on 60 lb. pure white paper.